July Forecast : Pisces in the Mountains

This is the July forecast for those born under the sign of Pisces in Western astrology and Mountain (戊) in the Chinese zodiac.

In Western astrology, you are a Pisces, and in the Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese zodiac), you are Mountain (戊). And in SOLARITA-type, which is a fusion of the two, you are a Pisces in the Mountains.

In this section, we will use these Western and Eastern methods to tell your fortune for July.

First, we will use Western astrology to read the movements of the planets in July to tell your fortune.

Next, Using the Four Pillars of Destiny, a typical Eastern divination method based on Chinese zodiac, we can determine the relationship between the Chinese zodiac sign of July, 丁未 (Fire and Sheep), and your Chinese zodiac sign Mountain (戊). In other words, we will tell you your fate in July according to the Chinese zodiac.

The important thing is to read these two fortunes and interpret them in light of your own situation. Even if you feel that there is a contradiction between these two fortunes, the most important thing is to use your imagination to find the truth in the contradiction.

Pisces in July according to Western astrology

July is a bright and open month for Pisces, as summer is in full swing. You will have a lively and enjoyable time, especially in their private lives. You will be contacted by someone for fun every day, and you may find yourself at home for only a few hours at a time. Your schedule will be packed with plans and you will be busy, but strangely enough, you will not be tired and will feel a sense of fulfillment. Another characteristic of this period is that the knowledge and experience gained through play can be applied to other things, such as work. For example, you may get a hint from a friend’s words to get out of a pinch or come up with a unique idea with a playful spirit. You will enjoy doing everything, and you will soon be the center of attention. And, many people will say, “I want to work with you!” and before you know it, you are the leader of the team. You will be able to make great strides with the help of your colleagues and accomplish big projects with you at the center. The only thing you need to be careful about is

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