For Gemini: Passion that Mars pours into you (July 5 – Aug 20, 2022)

On July 5 at 2:04 a.m.EDT, Mars, which pours passion into people, will move into Taurus. Mars will remain in Taurus for the next month and a half until August 20.

Mars stimulates your desires. It is Mars that works to push you toward what you want and where you think it should be. This is a very powerful force for achieving things. Even though there are many factors that help people achieve something, such as the help of others, timing, and luck, the most important thing is the person’s own actions. And it is passion that drives action.

But as for you, Gemini, there is a suggestion that the passion and energy stimulated by Mars will lose its direction during this month and a half. No, it is not so much that you lose direction, but rather that you seek a new direction.

There are suggestions of impulses and desires going in different directions, and

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