For Cancer: Passion that Mars pours into you (July 5 – Aug 20, 2022)

Mars is the planet that gives you the power to succeed. This is because Mars stimulates the passion that lies dormant in your heart. Timing and luck are only 1% of what it takes to achieve something. The other 99% is the person’s own action. And it is passion that inspires action. It is Mars that works to push you toward what you want and where you think it should be.

That Mars will move into Taurus on July 5 at 2:04 AM. Mars will spend the next month and a half in Taurus until August 20.

It seems that this time Mars will bestow passion on your work relationships. During this period, there is a suggestion that you, as a Cancerian, will have a passion for social matters. You will see what could be called “connections” spreading out from you. It is more like a new network to achieve a social purpose or mission, rather than a connection between people who are already close to each other. And it is at work that this kind of networking is most evident.

Work is about people connecting and collaborating to create value. Companies are networks created to make a profit, and the economy is one in which companies work together to create more value. The next month and a half should be a period of

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