For Libra: Passion that Mars pours into you (July 5 – Aug 20, 2022)

On July 5 at 2:04 a.m.EDT, Mars, which pours passion into people, will move into Taurus. Mars will remain in Taurus until August 20. And the passion that Mars arouses has the suggestion of leading you, Libra, into the “secret world” during this month.

Mars brings with it the role of igniting your innermost feelings. It can come as passion and courage, or it can come as impatience and jealousy. Mars will create a variety of strong emotions, both good and bad, to guide you into action.

This time Mars’ passion seems to be directed toward an interest in the world that is not usually on the surface, or what could be called “the other side of the world”. It can be said to be an image of going beyond the everyday. This is also a time of sexuality and physical desire.

This is not the happy love of Venus, for example, but rather a secret passion that cannot be revealed to the world. It is possible that sexual desire will increase, and this will lead to

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