For Aries: Communication flow brought by Mercury (Jul 5 – 19, 2022)

Mercury, the ruler of words, will stay in Cancer for about two weeks from July 5 to July 19. For Aries, your words seem to settle where they should settle during this period. Perhaps you have gone through trial and error in the past, but from July 5 onward your communication is in the flow of finding people, information, or places to rely on.

In order to achieve one growth, you will need to go through a variety of challenges. For example, when a bodybuilder wants to get bigger, he does not just blindly train his muscles, but he first tries to eat as much as he can and gain weight. Then, by combining muscle training and weight loss, they will continue to slim down their bodies. In other words, in order to grow up a whole size, you need to gain weight and then lose it. Your language and communication as an Aries will follow a similar path.

Your words, which may have grown in many different directions in the past months, will be narrowed down to only what is necessary in this 15 days. This is the process of finding the place, people, and community where your words and communication should settle down after various encounters. This seems to be a good time to

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