For Taurus: Communication flow brought by Mercury (Jul 5 – 19, 2022)

On July 5, Mercury, the planet that governs communication, moves into Cancer. Mercury will stay in Cancer until July 19.

During this period, your words seem to generate an aura. It is as if the words you speak will stretch out in all directions by themselves and circulate among people. Mercury has more of an effect on your words than it does on you directly. It is as if a word or an idea you have on a moment’s notice has a big engine that travels around the world and brings about various connections, independently of your intentions.

In terms of the larger flow of destiny, your communication skills as a Taurus will be strengthened during the next two weeks. Your thoughts, words, plans, and ideas will be delivered to various places and put into people’s minds. It is exactly Mercury that works to make your words “circulate” the world.

The “word” here applies to writing and various forms of communication. For example,

(296 words remain aftert this)