For Gemini: Communication flow brought by Mercury (Jul 5 – 19, 2022)

Mercury will stay in Cancer from July 5 to July 19, shaping the luck related to people’s communication. This time Mercury seems to work to boost your work luck in Gemini. It will work to make your social communications go around faster and bigger, and to make it easier for your words to reach people.

Fate suggests that you will be able to communicate effectively at work and that this will show up in tangible results. If you are not currently working, it is important to communicate with someone about an idea that comes to mind.

Mercury works on your plans, your words, rather than on yourself. Even the smallest inspiration is a good time to share your words, ideas, and plans with someone. This is the period when you can reach someone who needs it. To put it more precisely, Geminis are now in the phase of “stepping out into the real world. This is a time of reality rather than fantasy, of action rather than ideas, and you as a Gemini are expected to be noble as it ventures into the real world of work and other serious matters.

The Sun, the astrological “foundation” star, will also be in Cancer until July 22. The Sun works to empower the planets in the same zodiac sign. In other words, Mercury’s work will be more powerful than usual with the Sun’s assistance. In addition,

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