For Cancer: Communication flow brought by Mercury (Jul 5 – 19, 2022)

You are now living in the “Cancer Season”.

In this late June/early July month, you, as a Cancerian, will be celebrating your birthday. This means that you are going through a period of “solar return,” which comes once a year. This means that the Sun will return to where it was when you were born. Astrologically speaking, it is a time for you to shed your old self and grow, a time for the world to push you up into being. The sun is shining on you more powerfully than usual. The sun is shining on you more powerfully than usual, and now is the time when the reborn sun is bringing a new cycle to the world and to you.

On July 5, Mercury, the planet of communication, will follow the Sun into your sign of Cancer. Mercury will stay in Cancer for two weeks until July 19, shaping people’s language and communication. As you can see from the Solar Return above, during the period when Mercury stays in a sign, the power of the planet will be stronger for that sign’s type of person. For you, Mercury’s stay in Cancer is a time when the power of words and the luck of communication will increase dramatically.

This is true in your personal relationships, such as love, as well as in your professional communications. The power of your words, communication, and your own aura will increase, and

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