For Aquarius: Communication flow brought by Mercury (Jul 5 – 19, 2022)

Mercury, which governs language and communication, will be in Cancer from July 5 to July 19. You are an Aquarius, and during this period, there is a suggestion of a change in the language you use every day.

It is very important to change your daily language, even if only a little. This is because changing your language is the fastest way to change your destiny. By changing your words, you change your thinking. By changing the way we think, we change our actions. When our actions change, our destiny changes. It is your daily words that trigger the change, and it is your daily actions that are born from those words. As your daily words change, so does your destiny. Words are such an important part of people’s lives.

If your words, thoughts, and actions change due to the changes you are forced to make, it is only natural that a new destiny will be born. Work to bring about a change in your language and eventually

(297 words remain after this)