For Cancer: Crush and affection that Venus produces. (Jul 17 – Aug 11, 2022)

From July 17 to August 11, 2022 Venus will stay in your zodiac sign Cancer.

Which sign the Sun was in at the moment of birth determines a person’s zodiac type (solar sign). And when a planet visits a person’s sun sign, it is a special period of time. This is because the power of that planet pours directly into the person. This means that during the month of July 18, when Venus will be in Cancer, it will be pouring its power into you in a more powerful and clear way than usual.

During this period, Venus will strongly brighten your daily life.

Venus is often called the planet of love, but from a different angle, it can be said to be the planet that brings fresh life back to your everyday life that you have become accustomed to. For example, it has the power to make your ordinary day-to-day life shine again, whether it is your relationship with your partner or your current job. The opposite of “like” is not “dislike” but “indifference. Venus is said to be the planet of love because it changes “indifference” into “liking” by bringing a new brightness to the rutted routine.

For example.

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