For Capricorn: Communication flow brought by Mercury (Jul 19 – Aug 4, 2022)

On July 19, Mercury moves into Virgo. Mercury will remain in Leo until August 4, pouring luck into people’s words and communication.

This power of Mercury suggests to you, Aquarius, that the possibility of “secret relationships” will emerge. Your words seem to have a certain tendency to dive deep to reach some kind of underwater encounter. It could be said that relationships, including romantic ones, are going to dive deep.

This is not a good or bad thing; it means that your words will take on a deeper aura without you being aware of it due to Mercury’s power. The image is that your words do not travel around the “front” side of the world, but the “back” side. It can be said that this is a time when strong power is poured into secret words exchanged only by a limited number of people. So, we may even see words that unconsciously move or manipulate others. Some people may receive strange intuitions or “realizations,” and some will create secret relationships that they cannot tell others about. It is a strange and bewitching period when

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