For Pisces: Communication flow brought by Mercury (Jul 19 – Aug 4, 2022)

Everyday life is often neglected, but in the end, it is our daily words and small daily actions that make a big difference in our lives. Mercury will work to bring about a change in these words and create the opportunity for a major shift in your destiny.

Mercury will be in Leo from July 19 to August 4. As a Pisces, there are hints of changes coming during this period, especially in your daily work and other communications.

The impact of the coronavirus on society has been significant, and society is now a different place than it was before the pandemic. Many of you have changed the way you communicate, both at work and in your private life, as opportunities to talk directly to people have decreased. Some may have established remote work, while others may have improved the way they work by introducing small tools and techniques that were previously unavailable at their companies. When these changes occur, they can create new rewards and goals. This is because by participating in a new system, one acquires a new language and a new way of thinking.

It is said that the fastest way to change one’s destiny is

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