Sun enters Leo on July 22: Return to home and light up the world powerfully.

On July 22 at 4:06 p.m., the Sun moves into Leo. The “Leo season” with its scorching sun, is upon us. This is not just about temperature. During this month, the sun’s luck will shine through people in a very strong way.

Each zodiac sign has its own guardian planet. Gemini’s guardian planet is Mercury, Sagittarius’ is Jupiter, Pisces’ is Neptune, and so on… and Leo’s guardian star is the Sun. To put it another way, Leo is “home” for the Sun. And when the Sun returns to its home, it lights up the world more powerfully than usual. Like a sports team back on its home turf, the Sun will be at full strength during this month.

The Sun is not a planet that forms specific fortunes, such as communication or love fortunes. It is a planet that forms the “foundation” of these individual fortunes. The Sun’s role is to play the bass note of the month’s fortune, so to speak, and when the Sun’s power is strengthened, the entire fortune, including that of love and work, will be supported and extended.

In the month beginning July 22, people will be more active, and various interactions will take place both at work and in daily life. This is a time when the world will experience an upswing that can reach great heights if we are able to keep up with the strong currents brought by this Sun back. Especially from July 20 to August 4, Mercury, the planet of communication, is also in Leo. And from August 11, Venus, the planet of love, will be in Leo. These three planets will work together to make the fortunes of people’s words and “crushes” strong.

One peak is the new moon on July 28. The new moon is the moment when the sun and moon overlap, at which time the moon loses all its old light and then takes on the light of a new beginning. Like the rebirth of the scorching sun, this new moon is full of the suggestion of a new beginning.

The Sun, which brings time and seasons to the world and forms the “foundation” of daily life, is a special planet in astrology. The Sun is particularly powerful during this month of the year, when it is in Leo from July 22. The world is about to move on its own, and it will be most important to capture the “momentum” that is generated.

And the specific fortune that this Leo sun will bring depends on a person’s zodiac sign. Select your sign below to find out your “foundation” fortune for the month!

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The Sun brings “foundation” fortunes ( Jul 22 – Aug 22, 2022).

For Aries: The Sun brings “foundation” fortune.

For Taurus: The Sun brings “foundation” fortune.

For Gemini: The Sun brings “foundation” fortune.

For Cancer: The Sun brings “foundation” fortune.

For Leo: The Sun brings “foundation” fortune.

For Virgo: The Sun brings “foundation” fortune.

For Libra: The Sun brings “foundation” fortune.

For Scorpio: The Sun brings “foundation” fortune.

For Sagittarius: The Sun brings “foundation” fortune.

For Capricorn: The Sun brings “foundation” fortune.

For Aquarius: The Sun brings “foundation” fortune.

For Pisces: The Sun brings “foundation” fortune.