For Taurus: Mercury brings the flow of communication.(Aug 4 – 25, 2022)

Mercury, the planet that governs people’s communication, will stay in Virgo from August 4 to August 25. During this period, Mercury will bring you, the Taurus type, “luck in love. The time to be popular is here! You might even say that you are in a period of love. However, Mercury’s love is different from that of Venus.

The term “period of popularity” here does not mean that you will be attracted to other people without any reason.

Love brought by Mercury is the image of a relationship mediated by communication using “words”. This is true whether you have a partner or not. If you have a partner, your words will deepen your relationship with them. For those who do not have a partner, your words and the expansion of your circle of communication with those around you will increase your chances of meeting someone new. This is a period when

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