For Gemini: Mercury brings the flow of communication.(Aug 4 – 25, 2022)

Mercury, the ruler of words, will be in Virgo for about three weeks, from August 4 to August 25. For you Gemini, this period seems to be a time of relief. This is a period when your words will settle where they need to settle. Perhaps you have gone through a period of trial and error in the past, but from August 4 onward your communication will flow to find people, information, or places to rely on.

Your words, which may have grown in many different directions over the past months, will be narrowed down to only what is necessary over the next 22 days. It is a flow of finding the place, people, or community where your words and communication should settle down after various encounters. It seems to me that this can be thought of as finding the people to whom you should give your voice or submit your plans as you enter a new cycle.

To begin with, you will need to go through a variety of challenges in order to achieve a single growth. For example,

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