For Cancer: Mercury brings the flow of communication.(Aug 4 – 25, 2022)

On August 4, Mercury, the planet that governs communication, will move into Virgo. Mercury will stay in Virgo until August 25.

This is a time when your words in various forms will be more active. Group activities with friends and acquaintances may become more active, and there are suggestions of smooth flow of communication at work. There is also a chance that an idea(plan, project) you submit during this period will deeply penetrate your boss or client.

In a word, this is a period when your words will have an aura of their own. It is as if the words you speak are spreading out in all directions by themselves and circulating among people.

As a major trend of destiny, your communication skills as a Cancerian will be strengthened during this three-week period. Your thoughts, words, plans, and ideas will be delivered to various places and put into people’s hearts. It is truly Mercury that makes your words “circulate” the world.

Mercury is a planet that influences your words themselves rather than directly influencing you. It is as if

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