For Libra: Mercury brings the flow of communication.(Aug 4 – 25, 2022)

Mercury will stay in Virgo for 22 days from August 4 to August 25. As a Libra, your words are likely to go into a sort of maintenance mode during this period.

Perhaps you may find it difficult to get your words across. Mercury’s control of your words and communication, tends to go a bit awry. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing; it is more like just before you are at full power. This is a time when the gears may not mesh properly due to deterioration from a long period of driving, and you may find yourself spinning a bit. . Your words may come across differently than you intended. However, maintenance mode means that you are on the verge of positive change. Think of it as just before everything is almost engaged. The image of the word being still and building up an aura seems to be the right one.

Perhaps at some point during the three weeks that Mercury will be in Virgo, you, as a Libra, will experience the melting away of some of the networks or “bonds” that you have built up so far. But this is not a negative thing. It means that

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