For Aries: The crush and excitement brought by Venus (Aug 11 – Sep 5)

Venus, the planet of “likes” and “crushes,” will be in Leo from August 11 to September 5.

Venus is the planet that brings freshness to things and relationships. Freshness is necessary for the feeling of “liking”. And, as is evident in love, the opposite of “like” is not “dislike,” but “rut”. Venus has the power to bring various things back to life in a fresh way and enhance “like” through its power.

For you, Aries, the “freshness” that Venus brings will be especially poured into your love life during this month. You might even call it a “period of attraction.” During this period, it is a good time to be excited and enjoy meeting new people without fear. This is true regardless of whether you have a partner or not. The “period of attraction” is not so much a period when you are the one who attracts the attention of everyone, but rather a period when you can enjoy the company of people, which increases your attractiveness and attracts them to you. It is good time to be proactive and jump into people’s lives. There is a suggestion that it is best to proceed with a sense of innocence and not think too much.

Venus is the planet of intuition. If you think too much or act in a calculated manner, Venus will weaken. Even if you say, “I have no opportunities to meet people,”

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