For Libra: The crush and excitement brought by Venus (Aug 11 – Sep 5)

Venus will stay in Leo from August 11 to September 5.

Venus has the power to bring the world fresh to life. It is often said that Venus is the planet that governs love, because it works to freshen up people’s relationships and generate feelings of “like”. The opposite of “like” is not “dislike” but “indifference” or “rut”. Venus is the planet that brings fresh feelings by “bringing back to life” various relationships, things, and jobs.

And as a Libra, you will be in a flow of finding new connections with new people through the power of Venus during this month or less.

It could be a romantic connection, a business connection, or a social or community connection. It will be a period when you will feel a “crush” in connecting with different people, and a “excitement” in coming into contact with a type of person that you have never been in contact with before.

In many cases,

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