For Sagittarius: The crush and excitement brought by Venus (Aug 11 – Sep 5)

Venus is the planet that brings “like” and “excitement” to people. Because of this, it is also considered the planet that governs love and beauty. Venus moves into Leo on August 11 and will stay there for about a month until September 5.

During this period of a little less than a month, Venus will be working on you, Sagittarius, to look to the “unknown” or “faraway worlds”. In other words, the world that you are not involved in at the moment. In other words, it is a world that you are not involved with at the moment. Venus works to make your eyes look higher than usual, so that the distant world shines fresh and beautiful.

Venus is the planet that brings “freshness” to things and relationships. Emotions such as “I love you” are derived from this freshness. And in love, the opposite of “like” is not “dislike,” but “indifference” or “rut”. Venus has the power to bring many things back to life in a fresh way.

If the distant world seems shining to you, that is, if you feel “freshness,” it may be that Venus is guiding you. It should be difficult for anyone to leave everything behind immediately and set out on a journey, and it is best to avoid it, though. don’t miss that sparkle. When you pursue a fresh radiance,

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