For Gemini: Mars brings you energy, passion, and desire (Aug 20, 2022 – Mar 25, 2023)

On August 20, 2022, Mars, the planet of passion, will move into your sign of Aries. Mars will stay in Gemini, which means until March 25, 2023, and will be a strong passion for you.

This stay has two crucial meanings for you, Gemini.

The first significant meaning is that Mars will stay in your zodiac sign, Gemini.

The fact that Mars stays in your zodiac sign is an image of the passion and energy it governs pouring directly into you. Mars fuels your passions and stimulates your desires, pushing you toward what you want and where you think you should be. This is a compelling force for achieving things. A person reaches something because, while there are many factors involved, such as the help of others, timing, and luck, the most important thing is the person’s own actions, and what drives those actions is passion. And when you are motivated by passion and take action, the environment surrounding you will also change. If you are a Gemini who wants to start something or take on a challenge, you should know that this is when the energy to do so will be poured into you with gusto.

Another important significance is

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