For Libra: Mars brings you energy, passion, and desire (Aug 20, 2022 – Mar 25, 2023)

On August 20, 2022, at 3:56 AM, Mars, which pours passion into people, will move into Gemini. Mars always spends 1.5 to 2 months in one sign. But this time, Mars is special, staying in Gemini for about seven months until March 25, 2023. In other words, Mars will spend three or four times longer in one constellation than usual. This can be seen as a period when Mars pours down powerful energy as people and society move into the “next phase.

During this period, your theme as a Libra is “aiming high.” You will be passionate about taking off toward high goals. Libra should aim as far and as high as possible for about this seven months. This is a time and a period when you should be aiming higher and farther than you normally would. There is no way you will be able to reach the heights you are aiming for unless you first raise your eyes.

By “higher,” we mean a world beyond your everyday life. For example, service beyond economics, philosophy, spiritualism beyond science, etc. Sometimes it is a noble world that cannot be measured by money and is far away from the mundane world. And “far away” places are far away, such as overseas, or places and people with whom we have had no contact or hobbies we have had no interest in. It can be described as something that fits the expression “feeling distance,” whether physical or psychological.

Mars will give you the passion for

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