For Gemini: The Sun creates the “foundation” fortune (Aug 22 – Sep 22, 2022)

On August 22, the Sun moves into Virgo and stays there until September 22. During this month, the Sun will bring you, the Gemini, a place where you can feel at ease. You will find a safe place, comfortable people, and restful events.

For some, this means that work will be settled where it should be settled, and financial security will be available. For others, it may be the strengthening of relationships with dependable acquaintances and family members. For some, it may create a situation where they can work calmly from home. For some, their special skills and abilities may come to life in this social situation. For some, a bond with a lover will be strengthened, and in some cases, a switch of consciousness from romance to marriage may occur.

This time the Sun works under the surface to bring “security” to each Gemini’s situation.

Astrologically, the Sun is the base planet. For example, Mars is passion, Mercury is communication, etc. Each planet has its own genre of destiny, but the Sun is the base fortune for people and the world. It affects the fortunes that are the foundation of those individual fortunes, unlike love, money, etc. Please be aware that this is your base fortune for the month.

There is a planet to watch in relation to the workings of this Sun. It is Venus, which will

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