For Leo: The Sun creates the “foundation” fortune (Aug 22 – Sep 22, 2022)

From August 22 to September 22,2022, the Sun will stay in Virgo.

The Sun was staying in your sign of Leo just prior to this movement. You would have celebrated your birthday just in the past month. The Sun travels through the 12 signs of the zodiac over the course of a year and stays in one sign for exactly one month. And for you, the past month was a time when the sun returned to your sign after 11 months. The return of the sun to where it was when you were born is called a “Solar Return”. This means that the sun returns to the place of your birth after a journey of about a year, meaning that you are one year older and newly born again. Every Leo has experienced this Solar Return in the past month.

This is a major turning point for you, and now that you have been reborn, you will be taking a new step forward in society. That is what the coming month from August 22 is all about.

On top of that, let us tell you about the influence of the Sun this time: during the month when the Sun stays in Virgo from August 22, you as a Leo will have particularly strong luck in work-related matters. It is not just about money, but people, information, and other images that will be attracted to you. You could say that your work luck will be stronger. This is a month when things that are not fluffy, but have a certain touch, will gather around you.

One important thing to remember is that “strong work luck” does not necessarily mean that you will do well at work. Strong work luck means…

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