For Virgo: The Sun creates the “foundation” fortune (Aug 22 – Sep 22, 2022)

On August 22, the Sun will move into your sign of Virgo, and the month leading up to September 22 will be a period of strong fortune for Virgo, a period of direct Sun fortune, or “Virgo season”.

The Sun continues its 365-day journey around the 12 signs of the zodiac. When the sun comes around again to the place where it was when the person was born, it is called a Solar Return. This is the sun returning to its own birthplace after a year’s journey. It means that the person turns one year older and is reborn anew. Solar Return is (almost) the same thing as a birthday, and Virgo types will experience Solar Return during the month beginning August 22. And the month that includes this Solar Return is the period of strongest solar luck for Virgo.

This “Virgo season” when the spotlight is on you is also the time when all the hard work you have done

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