For Gemini: Possibilities Venus brings to you (Sep 5 – 29, 2022)

From September 5 to September 29, Venus, the planet that generates feelings of “crush” and “excitement,” will be in Virgo.

As a Gemini, you seem to find a cozy “home” during these 24 days. It can literally be “home” or family. Or it could be a specialty, profession, department, or company that you can call home ground. Deciding to learn a skill you are good at is also a “home” act because you are prepared to put your feet on the ground.

In other words, you will seek and find a new place to call your own in the next month or so. This also means that you will discover that the sites you already belong to, the things you already have in your hands, the people you are connected to, and the things you are uniquely good at are essential to you. The value of things that you have taken for granted and never noticed, parents and friends that you have never appreciated because they are so ordinary, and the fact that the workplace you are working at now exists in an ordinary way. The “freshness” that Venus pours into the world will make you appreciate these things anew.

Venus is often said to be the planet that governs love, because it is the planet that brings freshness to people’s relationships, which in turn generates the feeling of “like. The opposite of “like” is not “dislike” but

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