For Cancer: Possibilities Venus brings to you (Sep 5 – 29, 2022)

From September 5 to September 29, 2022, Venus, the planet that governs “likes” and “crushes,” will be in Virgo. Cancerian seem to regain “freshness” in their daily verbal exchanges with people during this month. Communication, which tends to be formulaic, will be reborn at work or in private life. This should also lead to the development of the romance.

Venus is often said to govern love, because Venus has the power to bring the world back to life in a fresh way. How we “like” people are influenced by whether or not they feel fresh to us. When we stop “liking” something, it is more often because we lose interest in it rather than “dislike” it. As if to evoke this feeling of “liking”, Venus works to “freshly revive” relationships with people, things, and work. Venus prompts us to make various encounters and encourages us to build long-term relationships.

And the “crush” and “excitement” that Venus brings are not limited to romance. During this period, new encounters (which can be with people, projects, information, etc.) can occur at work and in daily life as well, as words circulate.

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