For Leo: Possibilities Venus brings to you (Sep 5 – 29, 2022)

For about a month so far (until September 5, 2022), Venus has been staying in your sign of Leo. The period that a planet stays in a person’s zodiac sign is a time when the power of that planet is strongly infused. In other words, this was the season when Venus’ “excitement,” “love,” and “crush” were in abundance for you, the Leo type.

Then, from September 5, 2022, Venus moves into Virgo, which will stay until September 29. The point of this period is that the feelings of “excitement,” “like,” and “crush” generated by Venus will be directed toward more concrete objects. Especially if you have some “crush” that you had acquired in the previous month, you can imagine that it will be firmly rooted in the real world.

During this period, there will be a tendency to feel “freshness,”, especially in work, money, and specific objects and items, and you will likely find

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