For Capricorn: Possibilities Venus brings to you (Sep 5 – 29, 2022)

Venus seems to invite you, Capricorn, to the “unknown” or “faraway” during September 5-29, 2022. “Faraway” can be far away places such as abroad, a world with a very different culture, a genre you have never heard of, or people who are entirely different from you. Venus works to make you look further afield than usual so that the distant world shines fresh and beautiful.

In a sense, this may be an invitation to jump into a new world and start over, rather than deal with the problems you are currently facing.

In some ways, it may also be an escape from reality. Someone feeling stagnant may dream of a faraway world, or someone stuck in their current job may consider changing careers to a completely different industry. Sometimes it is because they are dissatisfied with their current situation that they feel the beauty of a faraway world.

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