For Virgo: Venus brings crush and excitement. (Sep 29 – Oct 23, 2022)

Venus is the planet that influences emotions such as “excitement,” “like,” and “crush. Venus is often called the planet of romance, because it is the planet that gives us these feelings of “crush. Conversely, feelings of “like” and “excitement” occur in many other ways besides romance, so it is also a mistake to assume that Venus is the planet of romance.

For about a month, from September 5 to September 29, 2022, Venus stayed in Virgo, your zodiac sign. The period that a planet stays in a person’s sign is the period when the power of that planet is strongly infused. In other words, this was the season when Venus’ “excitement,” “likes,” and “crushes” were in abundance for you, Virgo type.

From September 29, 2022, Venus will move into Libra and stay there until October 23. During this period, there is a suggestion that your feelings of “like” and “excitement” as a Virgo will be directed toward more tangible things. In many cases, these things can be bought with money, and this is a time of increased desire for certain things. If you have any “crushes” that you acquired in the past month (up to September 29), you can imagine them taking root firmly in the real world.

Specifically, there will be a tendency

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