For Scorpio: Venus brings crush and excitement. (Sep 29 – Oct 23, 2022)

Venus will stay in Libra from September 29 to October 23, 2022. During this one month, Venus flows in a way that invites you, Scorpio, into a kind of “world beyond this world.” It will be a very strange and ambiguous period.

Venus is often said to govern “love,” because Venus has the power to bring the world back to life in a fresh way. The opposite of “like” is not “dislike” but “indifference.” Venus makes the world you touch sparkle and shine, and it creates feelings of “crush” and “excitement. This pure emotion, a mixture of joy and surprise, will lead to “like.”

Venus will work to lead you to a mysterious encounter in the coming period. A “mysterious encounter” may be a profoundly emotional encounter, or it may be a lighthearted, sunny encounter. Or it could be a serious, confrontational encounter or all of the above. There are many possibilities, but what they all have in common is a sense of “wonder,” which can be described as a “change of pace” encounter, as if a ball is flying at you from a different direction than you predicted. It is a time of unexpectedness and wonder, as if we find new people and things with which we have had little contact or some unpredictable fate intertwines with us.

However, new things can come from such unpredictable places.

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