October 2022 Horoscope for Leo

In October, when the Sun stays in Libra, you will be surrounded by a wide variety of information. From personal gossip to little-known information that will significantly impact the world, there will be plenty of information passing around you, and you will not have time to be bored. This trend will accelerate when Mercury enters Libra on the 10th. It is an image of a mixture of knowledge and information coming in one after another in an unorganized manner. You may feel somewhat restless, but some of this information will undoubtedly be important to you. Therefore, we recommend you organize it in your mind without trouble. Once you sort out what you need and don’t need, you will not hesitate to throw away what you don’t need.

And you will be able to smoothly ride the wave of luck this month with only the necessary information. This October is when the retrograde planets turn back to their proper directions one after another, with

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