October 2022 Horoscope for Virgo

In October, the Sun, which forms the “foundation” of your fortune, is in Libra. This works to give you, the Virgo, financial security. You may not be “stable” yet. However, you can find some reassurance, such as the prospect of earning more money or finding a side job that you can handle comfortably. The flow of information on these matters will be accelerated by Mercury. The connections you have made so far are likely to lead you to helpful information. This is because Mercury, the planet of communication, will be in Virgo and Libra from the beginning to the middle of this month. Moreover, Mercury will end its retrograde in Virgo, your sign of the zodiac, on the 2nd and begin to move in the right direction so that you will have a good start. Especially after the 18th, when the Sun and Mars form a lucky angle, this trend will accelerate, so it is a good idea to meet as many people as possible and to be active in social networking services. October is also a time when not only Mercury but also other retrograde planets will be

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