For Gemini: “Eclipse Season” reverses your destiny (Oct. 25 – Nov. 23, 2022)

From October 25 to November 23, 2022, we will enter the “Eclipse Season,” when solar and lunar eclipses will occur in succession. This is an intense period that comes about once every six months.

The Eclipse Season is a time of “reversal” in the sun’s and moon’s destinies. Astrologically, the eclipse can be interpreted in many ways, but we think of it as a period when the front and back of our destiny may be reversed. The “front” destiny is the actual destiny that people are currently living. The “reverse” destiny is another “possible destiny” different from reality. The phenomenon of the sun “swallowing” the moon or the moon ” eating” the sun can cause a drastic change in destiny and alter the position of things.

However, these “reversals” are different for everyone, and while some people feel a significant change in their destiny, many others do not feel anything special. In many ways, the effects of the “eclipse” are irregular and difficult to read. The critical thing to remember is that it is potentially a time of “reversal of destiny” for everyone.

This “Eclipse Season,” from the solar eclipse to the lunar eclipse and then to the new moon, is also a flow from the new moon to the full moon and then to the new moon. A solar eclipse occurs with a new moon, and a lunar eclipse occurs with a full moon. Astrologically, new moon creates a “beginning. And the full moon signifies the accomplishment of a cycle. From this perspective, the “eclipse season,” which comes about every six months, can be interpreted as a period of turning points, a mix of the “end” of the cycle of the past six months and the “beginning” of the cycle of the next six months.

Here is a story of how the “Eclipse Season” will affect you as a Gemini. As we told you, it is difficult to explain the exact impact of the “Eclipse,” so we can only tell you a vague story. And also, this story is only a possibility. What you read from this story will be up to you, but above all, it is vital to believe that your interpretation of the story will be the one that holds meaning.

For about a month from October 25, 2022, the following story is a possibility of destiny for you Gemini. Although we cannot say for sure whether or not this possibility will become a reality, it is meaningful to know that there is a possibility of such a reversal in your destiny.

Below, your story begins, Gemini.

Many of us have become acutely aware over the past few years of the importance of our daily lives, and it is only through

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