For Aries: The Sun brings a month of “foundation” luck. (Oct. 23 – Nov. 22, 2022)

The sun, which marks the “time” of people and brings the seasons to the world, will be in Scorpio from October 23 to November 22, 2022.

Astrologically, the sun is unique. For example, Mars is passion, Mercury is communication, and so on, each planet governs its genre of destiny, but the sun governs the base fortunes of people and the world. Unlike the sun, which mainly rules specific things such as love or money, it affects the fortunes that seem to be the foundation of those individual fortunes. So, it can sometimes be difficult to feel its influence. However, the sun works to support a person’s luck and make that person shine in the world. In that sense, it is an extraordinary star.

During the month of the sun’s stay in Scorpio from October 23, you as an Aries will be in the spotlight deep in your heart. The keyword “secret” comes to mind. A sense that something is stirring deep within you. It is hard to put into words, and you may not even be able to feel it, but you will have a mysterious premonition that something inside of you will be transformed.

Especially this time, the “Sun in Scorpio” will stimulate the depths of your mind and will envelop your daily life with a mysterious atmosphere.

The word, “depth psychology,” means there is a place in the human mind much more profound than we are usually aware of. There is no boundary between ourselves and others, and people are connected. Therefore, being aware of “depth psychology” might help telepathic communication between the heart and mind.

Also, we may feel people’s pain and joy as our own. This idea comes from “everything is connected as one.” For instance,

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