For Aries: Venus brings crushes and excitement to you. (Oct. 23 – Nov. 16, 2022)

Venus will stay in Scorpio from October 23 to November 16. In fact, on the same day, that is, October 23, the sun will also move into Scorpio. This means that the planet and the star are very close, and give off extreme luck when they work together. Please know that this time Venus will bring you extreme power on the solid foundation of the sun. The sun is the star that forms the “foundation” of daily life. It creates a strong current that forms the base of individual fortunes, such as love and money fortunes.

Venus is often referred to as the planet of love, but its influence is not limited to love. Venus has the power to bring the world “fresh” to life. Venus makes the world you touch sparkle and shine, creating feelings of “crush” and “excitement. The opposite of “like” is not “dislike,” but “indifference” or “rut”. Venus is the planet responsible for bringing happy emotions, including romance, to life by bringing various relationships, things, and jobs back to life freshly and excitingly.

During this period of less than a month when Venus stays in Scorpio, you may be surprised. Still, you, as Arie, will become more sexually attractive during this period, attracting more favors from people. You will emit a kind of pheromone that will arouse sexual arousal. The keywords for this period are “secret relationship,” “deep love,” or “physical relationship.

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