For Scorpio: Venus brings crushes and excitement to you. (Oct. 23 – Nov. 16, 2022)

On October 23, Venus will move into your sign of Scorpio and stay there until November 16.

We are entering a month in which you are the center of the world. Generally, the period during which a planet stays in a person’s sign of the zodiac is the period when the power of that planet is strong. For Scorpio, the next month is a time when your daily life around you will begin to shine brightly due to the power of Venus. Furthermore, the day before Venus moves into Scorpio, the sun, which forms the “foundation” of your fortune, also moves into Scorpio. This is the “season of Scorpio,” or “your season,” to bask in the full brilliance of the sun.

It would not be wrong to say that Venus brings “attractiveness” in such a situation, but let me try to express it differently. During this period, the world you touch, the people you interact with, and the information you come into contact with will bring a sense of revival. Along with the feeling that “something is about to begin,” there will be feelings of excitement and a “crush. Of course, new romantic encounters are possible, but other new job possibilities or some positive update of your daily life can also occur. In addition, Mercury, the communication planet, will move into Scorpio from October 30, so even your words will be a powerful weapon to penetrate people’s hearts. Words will create crushes.


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