For Taurus: Mercury makes your communication luck. (Oct. 29 – Nov. 17, 2022)

Mercury moves into Scorpio on October 29. Mercury will stay directly in this sign on November 17 and pour its luck into people’s communication. As a Taurus, this is when you need “sincere words,” Mercury will be pouring in power for about three weeks starting October 29.

Sincere words are those you throw at the person you need to take seriously. For example, it may be a discussion to avoid marital problems or a confession to become a lover. It may be a presentation to persuade a client if it is a job.

In any case, you are more likely to encounter someone you feel you must confront seriously, and if you do, it is time to communicate sincerely. This is because whatever the person is, they have the potential to become a significant person for you in the future.

The more important a person is to you,

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