For Leo: Mercury makes your communication luck. (Oct. 29 – Nov. 17, 2022)

The period will begin when things will be narrowed down to only necessary things for Leo, whose words have stretched in many different directions.

Mercury, the ruler of words, will be in Scorpio for about three weeks, from October 29 to November 17. Your words, as a Leo, seem to settle where they should settle during this period. This is the flow of your words and communication through various encounters to find the place, people, and community where they should settle. This can be thought of as finding the people you should give your voice to or submitting your plans as you enter a new cycle.

To achieve a single growth, you must go through various challenges. For example, when a bodybuilder wants to grow his body one size larger, he does not blindly train his muscles but first tries to gain weight by eating as much as he can. Then, by combining muscle training and weight loss, he will gradually slim down his body. In other words, to grow a full circle, you need to “gain weight and then lose it.

Your words and communication as a Leo follow a similar path. You may have gone through a lot of trial and error, but from October 29 onward,

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