For Libra: Mercury makes your communication luck. (Oct. 29 – Nov. 17, 2022)

Mercury will stay in Scorpio from October 29 to November 17, shaping your luck when it comes to people’s communication. This is a period when you can reach someone who needs it. For Libra, these approximately three weeks is the time to share a word, an idea or a plan with someone. It can be a small inspiration.

This time Mercury works to boost your work luck as a Libra. It will work to make your social communications faster and bigger and make it easier for your words to reach people.

Libra is now in the phase of “stepping out into the real world.” Not fantasy but reality and action rather than ideas. You can imagine the noble moving, into the serious real world, including work, with such luck swirling around you.

Mercury works on your plans and your words rather than on yourself. So this October 29 to November 17, you must get your words and plans out of yourself as much as possible to output them. It is essential to

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