November 2022 Horoscope for Gemini

Until mid-November, Geminis will be more conscious of their health and beauty. This is the time to value small steps in everything you do and reap great rewards from accumulating these steps. The total lunar eclipse on the 8th will overshadow your unconsciousness by the Sun, which represents your ego, and shake you up immensely. You should have been supported by a firm grasp of what is in front of you and a solid sense of the path ahead, but the cry from your unconscious, as if the earth is cracking open from the bottom, will make you feel fearful that you will not be able to grasp anything. If you are the one who has been moving forward step by step, yffou are also the one who is appealing to us from the unconscious. If you listen carefully to the cry, you will realize there is nothing to be afraid of. You will have a chance to notice and scoop up your true feelings, usually suppressed in your conscious mind.

This is also a Uranus eclipse, with the moon eclipsing Uranus, the planet of transformation, which will significantly impact your inner life. It will be

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