November 2022 Horoscope for Scorpio

In early November, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus stay in Scorpio, giving you strong power. For some reason, you will be full of unfounded confidence during this period. You will feel like you can do anything and will boldly take on challenges for the first time. You may liken this state to a child who does not yet know much about the world. Because they are not afraid of anything, they are willing to take on any challenge. But this is not a bad thing. Because you are gaining momentum, there will be obstacles that you will be able to overcome.

You will be blessed with encounters with a variety of people. Because of that, it reinforces your active communication even more. Your circle of relationships will expand significantly too. The key to seizing this opportunity is to take the initiative and speak up for yourself. Your charm is on the rise, and few people will be opposed to being approached by you. Normally, Scorpios are reserved and solitude-loving. Now is the time to make the most of your interactions with those around you. Contact with many people will help expand your world.

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