For Aries: Venus brings your daily life back to life (Nov 16 – Dec 9, 2022)

Venus is the planet that brings “like” and “excitement” to people. Because of this, it is also considered that this planet governs “love” and “beauty.” Venus then moves into Sagittarius on November 16 and will stay there for 24 days until December 9. During this period of a little less than a month, Venus will make Aries, look to distant places and unexpected worlds. “Distant places” may mean far away, such as abroad, or you may be interested in worlds, genres, or people that you have not been involved with before. Venus works to make your eyes look higher than usual, so that distant worlds shine fresh and beautiful.

An “unexpected world” could be someone far away from you, a world with a very different culture, a genre you’ve never heard of, or someone completely different from you. There is an increased likelihood that

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