For Sagittarius: Venus brings your daily life back to life (Nov 16 – Dec 9, 2022)

On November 16, 2022, Venus will move into your sign of Sagittarius and stay there for a period of about a month until December 9, 2022.

Generally, when a planet stays in a your sign of the zodiac, it is a period when the planet’s power is strongly poured into your everyday life. For Sagittarius, the coming month is a time when the power of Venus will make your daily life to shine brightly. It would not be wrong to simply call this a “period of popularity,” but let me put it a little differently. During this period, the world, people, and the information you touch will revitalize all at once. Along with the feeling that “something is about to begin,” there will be feelings of “excitement” and “crush.”

As a Sagittarian, you have the strength and radiance to move straight ahead with your destiny. Venus also plays a role in making your daily life radiant and beautiful. The intersection of these two destinies brings to mind a glorious image of your “crush” spreading across the world like the clear autumn sky.

Moreover, on November 17,

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