For Aquarius: Venus brings your daily life back to life (Nov 16 – Dec 9, 2022)

Venus will stay in Sagittarius from November 16 to December 9. And for you Aquarians, it seems that during this month, new “bonds” will be formed through the power of Venus.

With society undergoing major changes, you personally are also in the process of building new relationships. It could be love, jobs, or social and community connections. This will be a period when you will be “thrilled” to connect with different people, and “excited” to be in contact with those you did not have a chance to be around before.

Venus has the power to renew and revive the world with freshness. Venus is often said to be the planet that governs love. This is because Venus works to freshen up people’s relationships and generate feelings of “like.” The opposite of “like” is not “dislike” but “indifference” or “rut.” Venus is a planet that brings fresh feelings to life by bringing back to life various relationships, events, and business activities.

The world is still in a state of confusion caused by the covid-19. More and more social and economic connections that existed in the past are weakened. However,

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