For Aries: New words, interactions, and communications brought by Mercury (Nov 17 – Dec 6, 2022)

Mercury, the planet that governs communication, will be in Sagittarius from November 17 to December 6. Mercury will work to deliver your words, thoughts, plans and ideas to the unknown world as an Aries. And remember, the key word for you, Aries, during these approximately three weeks will be “encountering distant worlds.”

The word “far” here means “physically distant place,” but it is not just a matter of distance; it also refers to a world you do not know yet. For example, a foreign country you have never been to, or even a place in the country you have not visited yet. Or you may have known a friend or acquaintance for several years, but you don’t really know their background or hobbies, or you don’t know the first name or occupation of the person who lives next door. Mercury works strongly during this period to ensure that your communication reaches these people. In other words, “seeking far away places” means “seeking new worlds.”

The day before this, on November 16, Venus, the planet that brings “crush,” also moves into Sagittarius. In addition,

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