For Scorpio: New words, interactions, and communications brought by Mercury (Nov 17 – Dec 6, 2022)

Mercury moves into Sagittarius on November 17. It will then stay directly in this sign for about three weeks until December 6, shaping the luck of people’s communication. This time Mercury will work to boost your career luck in Scorpio. Mercury works during this period to make social communication go around faster and bigger, so that your words and plans can reach people more easily.

To tell you more, Venus, the planet of love, is also staying in Sagittarius right now. On November 22, the Sun, which forms the “foundation” of your daily life, will also move into Sagittarius. In other words, now is the time when not only Mercury but also the Sun and Venus, the three planets, join forces to boost your career luck, especially as a Scorpio.

By the way, career luck is not limited to jobs. To be more precise,

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