For Pisces: New words, interactions, and communications brought by Mercury (Nov 17 – Dec 6, 2022)

Mercury will stay in Sagittarius for about three weeks from November 17 to December 6.

This is a time when your words, Pisces, will circulate powerfully among people. In particular, you can imagine that your words at work, in public and social situations, and plans you submit to your company will go through the necessary people smoothly. Also, if you have been frustrated by a lack of recognition in the past, there is a suggestion that light will be shed on what you have been doing.

For example, your opinions and ideas may be adopted at work, or a project you have been working on may finally see the light of day. Or, you may receive recognition for the hard work you have been putting in without being noticed, or your essential character and abilities may be recognized for the way you communicate your words. In a nutshell, words that were previously unreachable will reach the right people at this time.

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