For Leo: Fortune for the “foundation” the sun brings. (Nov 22 – Dec 21, 2022)

On November 22, the Sun will move into Sagittarius. It will then stay there until December 21, bringing the air of the Sagittarius world to the people.

The Sun takes about 365 days to travel through the 12 zodiac signs. It stays in one sign of the zodiac for exactly one month. The Sun marks our “time” and the seasons go around with the Sun. And the Sun gives you, Leo, a foundation of luck called “joy” during this month.

This will work to bring joy to your work, your daily life, and many other things. It also allows you to bring your own creativity to your work and hobbies. Simply put, you will feel enjoyment and satisfaction in what you are doing, and various ideas will overflow, and “something” will take shape and be created.

What you need to keep in mind is that “joy” comes from the act of “giving.” “Joy” does not equal “ease.”

“Ease” is something that is given to you by those around you and then spoiled. “Joy” is created by your own initiative. You don’t find much enjoyment in being complete on your own, do you? You find delight in working with the world. You get a sense of fulfillment from putting in the work. You feel content when you are thinking about what is good for others and what makes them happy. Your “joy” as a Leo should be in this form.

And for the month beginning November 22,

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