For Pisces: Neptune reorganizes your dreams and unconscious for 13 years (Apr 5, 2011 – Mar 30, 2025)

Neptune governs dreams, the unconscious, and spirituality. Neptune is the planet that works on the world of dreams and the unconscious, and encourages change there. In this sense, it is difficult to be conscious of Neptune in our daily lives. The “unconscious” is a realm that we cannot be directly aware of.

The relationship between the conscious and unconscious is often compared to an iceberg. If a partially protruding iceberg on the surface of the water is the conscious mind, the ice underwater is dozens of times larger, which can be compared to the unconscious mind. People sometimes say or do things that they do not understand, and this can be said to be caused by the unconscious taking control of their actions at that time.

Additionaly, Neptune can be said to have the job of blurring the boundaries of things that we have taken for granted. It may break down the barriers between people, or break down the distinctions between people and nature so that their similarities become more obvious. As a result, we can feel the joy and pain of others as if it were our own, and from a larger perspective, we can feel the destruction of nature and the hurt of animals as our own pain.

Neptune will stay in your sign, Pisces, from 2012 to 2025. This is a long stay, 13 years in total, but it will slowly and radically bring about a transformation in your unconscious world.

When a star resides in a sign, the fate of that star is strongly focused on that sign of person. Neptune is currently in Pisces, which means that it is strongly encouraging you to transform your unconscious world. While other zodiac signs tend to focus their influence on specific themes and topics, Neptune in Pisces in particular will bring about a major transformation that will update your entire unconscious world, as Neptune is the patron planet of Pisces. Neptune’s power is very strong right now, and it is pouring into you, Pisces.

What will happen because of this?

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